Graphene Oil & Lubricants

Our Proprietary Double Black Diamond Graphene oil uses PURE graphene as compared to milled down graphite. Graphene in its truest form holds the titles of:


•  Strongest Material (200x stronger than steel)

•  Thinnest Material (1 Million times thinner than a   human hair)

•  Lightest Material

•  Highest Tensile

•  Most Impermeable

•  Highest Thermal Conductivity

•  Best Light Absorbent

•  Highest Lubricity (aka Superlubricity).


Because of these properties and the makeup of Graphene, Double Black Diamond oil is able to significantly reduce friction which increases performance. Graphene also increases the flash point of the oil... an indication of how easy a chemical burns. Due to the higher flashpoint, our is less flammable and hazardous than convention oils.

Only the best materials are selected for use in Double Black Diamond oil products. Our oils and lubricants use the highest purity including Full Synthetic ingredients that is unavailable in conventional motor oils and lubricants. Benefits of Full Synthetics Double Black Diamond oil include the following:


•  Better performance and lubrication at temperature extremes.

•  Higher viscosity index (VI). A higher VI   creates a more temperature   stable oil.

•  Better chemical and shear stability which increases VI.

•  Less evaporation and loss.

•  Higher resistance to oxidation, breakdown, and "oil sludge."

•  Extended oil change intervals.

•  Extended engine life.

•  Protection from ash and other breakdown composites.

•  More horsepower due to less friction and drag.

•  Improved fuel economy.

•  47% higher performance than convention oil. (Source: AAA)