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Satin Flap Brush 8 X 1 X 3 AO FINE


Heavy Duty (HD) products incorporate high quality fibers with flexible resin technology. This, combined with high mineral content, gives you an extremely conformable satin abrasive tool.

Price/Quantity: $61.33 each sold in packs of 3

Size: 8" x 1" x 3"

Material: Aluminum Oxide


  • Aluminum oxide grain ensures long life
  • Open construction allows for aggressive cutting action
  • Conformability enables the operator to reach troublesome areas

Ideal for:

  • Removes burrs and micro burrs on threaded parts
  • Wheel cushions for controlled work on irregular surfaces
  • Finishing aluminum extrusions, brass, and stainless steel
  • Fine scratch pattern for preparation of cutlery and cookware
  • Re-orient grain finish on stainless steel and strike plates