What Material Do Diamond Discs Work Best On?

What Material Do Diamond Discs Work Best On?

Diamonds are one of the most sought-after natural resources on the planet. Their stunning beauty makes them coveted in the jewelry market, while their place among the hardest materials in the world makes them an invaluable tool for several different industries.

After the discovery of how to make synthetic diamonds led to the ability to utilize diamonds more cost-effectively, tool makers were able to take advantage quickly. Now, diamond has been included in everything from saw blades to drill bits.

Here at Niche Tools & Abrasives, our most popular diamond tools are our diamond discs. We made our diamond discs to be both long-lasting and versatile. Professionals from a wide variety of industries use our discs every day. But what material do diamond discs work best on?

Let’s take a look.


High-Quality Diamond Discs

Our diamond discs were specialty made after a conversation with one of our clients. They were using diamond discs to grind away rough material and leave a smooth polished finish.

This client continuously had to deal with their diamond discs quickly degrading. Their workers were only able to work for a short period of time before stopping and changing out the disc they were using. That proved to be costly for two reasons: a large number of diamond discs were being used, and workers were spending too much time changing tools rather than producing parts.

front and back of diamond disc

After describing their problem to us, we helped develop a new diamond disc that would perform far better than other discs on the market. The result was a diamond disc that lasted 15x longer than the leading competition and created a finish that was better than before.

When we revealed the new diamond discs to our client, they were instantly thrilled. Not only did they cut their expenses by having to purchase fewer quantities of discs, but they saw a significant boost in productivity due to their workers having to stop less frequently to change out their tools.


What Materials Can Diamond Discs Be Used On?

Thanks to diamond’s status as one of the hardest substances on Earth, diamond can be used to cut and grind practically anything. Cutting a material like steel—which is much more challenging to cut than aluminum, for instance—presents a unique problem.

We wanted to make sure our diamond discs could stand up to the challenge, so we gave one to an individual who cut steel every day. After an entire week, the disc was still working just like it did when it was brand new.

While these diamond discs can cut even the toughest metals, they are at their best when used with other materials. One of the most ideal materials to use diamond discs on? Ceramics.

robotic arm on production line

Like those commonly utilized in the aerospace industry, ceramic coatings are tricky to grind, blend, and polish. Diamond’s natural heat resistance allows our discs to be used for extensive periods, smoothing out and blending ceramics to exact specifications.

Diamond tools are also known for having a consistent quality throughout their use. Whereas other materials break down quickly and produce inconsistent results, diamond discs will be as good as new right up until the moment you need to change tools.

Another notoriously difficult material that diamond discs are great for is yttria-stabilized zirconia, or YSZ. YSZ is so hard that it is used as a material in various non-metallic knife blades! It’s also commonly used as a thermal barrier coating in gas turbines and jet engines.

Diamond discs are also a popular option when working with composite materials used by the military and defense companies and the space and energy industries.



Because these tools can have so many different uses, it’s crucial to offer them in various styles and sizes.

Our standard discs come in sizes of 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 inches with grits of 60, 120, 200, and 400. But complete customization of these discs is available. Need the disc to be slightly more rigid? No problem. Are you looking for more flexibility? We can do that too.

You can change not only the size of the pad and the grit, but you can have these designed to work with both hand tools and robots. You can even go so far as to change to male threading to make sure the discs can be attached to your device of choice, such as a sander or a grinder.


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